Slate Roofing Cardiff

Our team of roofers specialise in a range of different roofing solutions including slate roofing Cardiff. Direct Maintenance can offer repairs and installations of slate roofs for customers throughout South Wales. Slate roofs are a popular choice for many properties, due to their strength, durability and long lifespan. These tiles also look great on a range of properties. So whether you would like them for your home or office building, our skilled builders can give your space a new look.

Slate Roof Repairs


We offer slate roof repairs to both residential and commercial buildings, as we are professional contractors with years of experience in working with slate. Despite its longevity, slate can sustain damage and general wear over time like all materials. If some of your tiles need repairing or you need a complete re-tiling job, then get in contact with us today. Our repair service can restore your roof to a better condition, ensuring that your property is secure and weatherproof.

Slate tiles can be a little more expensive than other materials, however there are a range of benefits that make them worth the extra cost. These roofs often require little to no maintenance and the repairs are simple and easy. Slate is also a mould resistant roofing option, as well as having low water absorption and good freeze damage resistance. There are numerous style, size and colour options for you to choose from, so your new roof can be tailored to you.



Professional Slate Roof Services

Looking for slate roofing Cardiff and a range of professional roofing services? We are fully-qualified building specialists who offer repairs and installations at competitive prices. Our affordable and reliable services can help take care of your slate roof. From fixing broken tiles to re-tiling, we are here to help. Direct Maintenance are your local team that completes every job with customer satisfaction. Our roofs are finished on time and within your budget, so get in touch today to find out more.