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How Long Does A Flat Roof Last?

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Flat roofs are a fantastic roofing product for properties around the UK. They provide strength, accessibility and weather resistance when compared to more traditional styles. As a result, they tend to last at least 15-20 years on average. If you take care of your flat roof, however, and carry out regular maintenance, it could last much longer than this. For answers to more common flat roofing questions, read on below.

What Is A Flat Roof?

In contrast to a traditional pitched roof, a flat roof is exactly as it sounds. A level roof that prioritises drainage systems and structural integrity to benefit a home. Unlike a normal pitched roof, you can usually walk on a flat roof, and even make space for areas such as decking and balconies. Not only can a flat roof add strength, but it may even provide extra space too.

How Can Flat Roofing Benefit A Property

Flat roofing can provide a number of benefits to a property, these are the following:


One of the greatest benefits of a flat roof is the accessibility it provides. Not only can you use it to access other parts of your home for maintenance, but it’s easy to access for repairs too due to its strength and horizontal angle.


Due to the angle and weight distribution, a flat roof requires more bracing and structure to be safe. This means that the roof itself is incredibly strong and difficult to damage. A stronger roof often means more longevity, too.


If you have a property with multiple levels, then implementing a flat roof on a lower part could result in having extra outdoor space when compared to using a traditional pitched roof. This can be used to grow plants or entertain.

Weather Resistance

Heavy rain and storms can take their toll on a roof, especially if it’s pitched. Fortunately, a flat roof is lower down and acts as less of a sail. This means that compared to other roofing varieties, a flat roof is more resistant to bad weather.

Choose Direct Maintenance For Quality Flat Roofing

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