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Fascias And Soffits: What Are They And Why Are They Vital To Your Home’s Health?

Brown Tile Roof With White Fasia

Fascias and soffits both serve practical purposes on a property’s roofline. Not only do they look great, but they are important to the house for a few reasons. So, what exactly are they?

What Are Fascias?

They are the panels that line the bottom of a roof along the eaves. Made from wood or plastic, these long boards are found fixed to roof trusses and run vertically along the edge of a house. More simply, they are usually found behind the gutters.

What Are Soffits?

Located not so far from fascias, soffits are the underside panels that meet the outside wall. If you were to look up at a house without any, it’s likely you’ll see overhanging rafters. These cover them up and complete the roofing of houses.

Fascias and soffits

Why Fascias And Soffits So Important?

The First Defence

These boards are the first line of protection for the roof edge. Without them, the overhang of the roof frame would be exposed to the elements. Not only can they withstand the weather, but the boards should help keep out unwanted guests. They can aid in keeping pests out of the attic as it’s harder to enter the house. Fascias can prevent animals like rats, mice and squirrels choosing to take up residence in your house.

Keeps The Roof Secure

A roof is an important element of any house. It’s vital because it keeps the inside dry and weatherproof. Fascias support the bottom tiles, ensuring extra security. They also provide a base for guttering, so it has an important role in the roofing system.

black fascia and soffits and guttering

Provides Ventilation

Soffits help to improve the airflow in a building. As they can come with built in vents, it can help with the build-up of moisture inside a house. Showering, cooking and washing can all lend themselves to putting a lot of moisture in the air. When this rises, you don’t want it settling into timber roofs.

Fascias And Soffits Add Aesthetic Value

These elements play an important role in giving a house that finished look. Moreover, they make your home look more attractive. This isn’t just good news for you, it’s great for potential buyers as it massively increases the property’s kerbside appeal.

White soffits

Get In Touch With Direct Maintenance Today

The importance of fascias and soffits mean that maintenance is crucial. So, if you think they are damaged or in need of repair, contact our team for our expert help. We can supply and install them to keep your roof in great condition.


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